We really don’t want to see you go

We are sad to see you on this page, and we would really like to do all we can to keep you on as a member. Our aim as a fitness provider is to ensure you reach your fitness goal’s, here is a few options to think about prior to cancelling your membership but…….. we would love to see you stay on as a member!


1. Would you prefer a cheaper plan?

We understand the financial hardship some families are currently facing and we would really like to retain you as a member. If you are happy to resume your fitness journey, click the button below and complete the short form, one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss alternate financial options.

2. Have you been offered a FREE PT session to get you motivated?

If your struggling to meet your fitness goals or feel your not getting enough from your workouts, we are happy to offer you a FREE personal training session to get you motivated again. All of our PT’s are licensed and qualified to assist you in getting the most from your workouts.

3. Need some time off for maternity or medical reason?

If you need some time off from the gym for maternity leave or any other medical conditions, we would be more than happy to accommodate your situation. We have options available for long term absence from your fitness plan, click on the button below to reach out to our team and discuss the options available.

4. Have you considered a short or long term suspension?

Feel like you need some time off for recovery or just a break from your workouts, we completely understand. We offer short and long term suspension options which allow you to retain your membership and take a break from your gym schedule. Click on the button below to request a suspension and our friendly team will be in touch.

5. Cancellation is the last option, we will be sad to see you go!

Its unfortunate you have decided to cancel your gym membership and we will really be sad to see you go. If we cannot convince you to retain your membership and carry on with your fitness goals, simply click on the below button and complete the online cancellation request. Don’t be surprised if our team makes one last attempt to keep you on as a member, at the end of the day your part of the All Sorts Family!